Terra Sigil

  • This is a new experiment about creating AR with full native control: only hand gestures, no “find a flat surface”, “tap to place” and so on. Just like if you wear AR glasses! And also without baked animations: rocks move in real-time, in depend on hand movements.
    I intentionally didn’t put instructions in the experience: I want users to discover all the features themselves!

    Though I put instructions here and explain some interesting technical details:

    1. Move your hand to control the magic sigil.
      2D hand position is used to tell the plane tracker where to track
    2. Hold your hand still to place it
      I check hand position and camera movement deltas. If they are smaller than a certain threshold, the plane tracker stops continuous tracking. It happens after a certain amount of time holding still: you can see green magic runes animation.
    3. Remove your hand to activate
      This is an important step: when a user removes their hand, I bake camera texture into rocks. Otherwise, we could see rocks with parts of the hand.
    4. Show your hand again and move to control the rocks
      Raycasting is used to find an intersection point between a ray from camera-to-hand and the floor. Rocks move in depending on this point position.
    5. Hold still again to freeze them in the air.
      The point position freezes, so a user can remove their hand, and rocks will stay flying in the air.
    6. At any stage, you can wave your hand at the bottom of the screen to unfreeze rocks or deactivate the sigil.

    All the rocks are actually a single mesh controlled by a custom shader: this technique allows to create as many rocks as I want and control all of them simultaneously.

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